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The Cheap Shot product line can be used safely in almost any location by eliminating the need of live ammunition. Conventional firearms can only be used in certain areas such as shooting ranges. With Cheap Shot’s Laser Target and Laser Cartridge, firearm training can be performed in a safe and effective manner.


A Cheap Shot Laser Target and Laser Cartridge provides a cost effective alternative to expensive practice ammunition. A Cheap Shot Laser Target and Laser Cartridge combined costs less than $100. That’s roughly the same cost of 200 rounds of practice ammunition!


The Cheap Shot product line provides a convenient alternative to practicing with live ammunition. The convenient nature of Cheap Shot’s product line allows the user to eliminate the need for a shooting range and practice almost anywhere at any time. Batteries are the only upkeep in any of Cheap Shot’s products!


The Cheap Shot Laser and Laser Cartridge utilizes revolutionary technology that provides immediate feedback with every pull of the trigger. Equipped with Impulse Technology TM, Cheap Shot’s patented design provides the user with an unmatched simulated shooting experience.

About CheapShot:

Cheap Shot is a provider of many laser related products. As a family-owned and operated business, Cheap Shot strives itself on providing the highest quality of products to a loyal clientele base located throughout the United States.

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Guns are dangerous! Please follow all gun and safety procedures. In addition, please abide by all state and local laws. Cheap Shot, LLC is not responsible for any misuse of its products.